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Give YOU SOME TIME - It is guaranteed to Benefit you and your BABY.

Includes Nurturing Baby Massage, Individual Metabolic Nutrition, Physically Functional Exercise Programs, Decrease & eliminate Body Fat , Mental and Emotional Coaching.
Know your Inner Goddess - to Love and Nurture you & your precious baby.


Bookings required. For more information please contact 0403 72 92 52 or email

CHEK & most recently BLACK EAGLE CONSULTANCY & TRAINING SYSTEMS is a highly developed, multi disciplinary, integrated approach to health and well being. BLACK EAGLE TRAINERS are specialists in corrective exercise conditioning and are specifically trained to help you improve your overall health and well being.

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CHEK Australia has produced a number of world champions and talented athletes! 

Our results speak for themselves!

Mick Fanning- 2007 / 2009 ASP Mens World Surfing Champion

Steph Gilmore- 6 x ASP Womans World Surfing Champion

Jamie Mitchell - 10 x Molokai paddle board champ

Masatoshi Ohno - WQS Pro surfer

Daniel Watkins- Former Wake Board World Champion

Daniel Ross- 2010 WQS winner (surfing)

Kai Otton- WCT surfer (surfing)

Kirsten ulmer- Iron Woman

Taylor Cecil- Tri-athlete

Johnny shotterlius- slalom water skier and ski jumper

Nathan Eyres Rugby union and touch football

Cole Mooney Rugby union


Past Athletes also include:

Marcos Ambrose (V8 Super Car) - Mal Meninga and the Raiders

Along with other athletes from Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Polo, Swimming and many other sports.

We also offer Elite Sports training Camps.



Mick Fanning -2007 ASP World Surfing Champion


My time at CHEK has been a huge learning curve for me. I first went in as rehab patient after tearing my hamstring from the bone. The team brought me back from my injury in 7 months where the predicted time span was usually 2-3 years fro this type of injury, to where I could compete on the ASP world tour where I placed 3rd in the world the first year back. Jan has taught me so much about how my body health and mind works. The team at CHEK Australia is extremely knowledgableand passionate about all they do and put 100% in to everything. Without CHEK I wouldn"t have recovered from the injury and continued my surfing career and now achieved my dream as World Champion on the WCT tour 2007.


Mick F



Get fit and look great with BLACK EAGLE CONSULTANCY &  TRAINING SYSTEMS  & Chek Australia. We have GROUND Breaking training techniques that ARE successful. See our athlete profile and their results for confirmation!


Look good and feel great the healthy way. 

This is not a quick fix, we aim to help you get rid of unwanted weight 
the right way and with long term results.

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding our specific weight loss techniques. 

Book into see Jan for an 1/2 hour consultation (FREE if you continue with the program) 


Reactivation workshops are currently running. For the next starting date call us.

Having trouble recovering from Child Birth or are you getting back or neck pain while you are pregnant?

Flattening your Abs after Pregnancy.

Today many women have distended abdominal muscles years after having children. Sadly this is unnecessary. The abdominal muscles go through a unique lengthening process when a woman becomes.  As the fetus grows, theres increased stretch placed on the abdominal wall from the inside. This stretch force causes the body to add functional units called sarcomeres to the abdominal muscles, making them progressively longer.

After childbirth, the stretch force is reduced and the sarcomeres begin reducing in number.  Normally, the muscles should return to normal length.  Unfortunately, this natural rebounding process may not occur if the woman becomes pregnant again too soon, gains excess weight or has a cesarean section. 

Cesarean sections can cause a lot of problems for females. I have rehabilitated numerous females with low back pain that developed within 3-6 months after having a cesarean section.  When the doctor cuts through the abdominal wall, the muscles are wounded.  There are three layers of muscle comprising the abdominal wall, and when the layers of muscle are sewn back together, scarring occurs, leaving significant adhesions and causing dysfunction in the abdominal wall/

When theres scarring and adhesions, muscle fibers, as well as independent layers of muscle, lose their ability to slide across one another effectively.  The resulting pain always causes inhibition (weakness) in muscles. Women soon learn to avoid contracting the painful muscles and develop faulty muscle recruitment patterns.  This directly destabilizes the back and indirectly destabilizes the entire body..

Damage to the pelvic floor is a common occurrence during pregnancy.  The muscle can become damaged from the stretch pressure due to the expanding womb or from an episiotomy.  There may also be damage to nerves, leaving the pelvic floor disabled to varying degrees.   Because the pelvic floor, deep abdominal, deep back and diaphragm muscles all work as part of a system, when the muscles of the pelvic floor are damaged, the result may be the inability to properly use the abdominal wall muscles.

After about 6-12 months, a woman with this dysfunction will typically have what we call a Heart Bottom Syndrome.

To restore abdominal muscles to their optimal length, follow this protocol:

1.              Eat correctly for your metabolic type.

2.              Eat high-quality foods and drink adequate water

3.              Perform the corrective exercises prescribed for you.

Starting soon!! 

Give YOU SOME TIME - It is guaranteed to Benefit you and your BABY.

Includes Nutrition, Physical, Mental and Emotional Advice.


Contact CHEK Australia for more information 



Training Camps


Faster, Stronger, Higher

Sport specific training camps


3 Day Intensive Training Camp


Are You Looking For a Training Camp with a Record of Proven Results A One Stop Shop That Will Guide You On The Essential Training Techniques To Maximise Your Performance And Potential?

Whilst tuning your mind in proven techniques so you can get anything you want and at the same time have fun?


As a keen athlete who wants to make the most of their sporting life, you want to make sure - that if you commit to spending time and money on improvement -that you get the best information and knowledge possible.


At the CHEK Australia we have spent years in developing programs specifically for golf, rugby, wakeboarders, fight sports, surfing and watermen and women, surf sports and the list goes on.


 Some of our valued clients include Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore who trained solely with Chek Australia on their way to winning ASAP World Tour Crowns, Daniel Watkins, Marcos Ambrose, Jamie Mitchel, Kirsten Ulmer, Daniel Lima. CHEK Australia practitioners are specialists in corrective exercise and high performance conditioning.


Join us and discover  the functional training secrets of the worlds leading athletes .


Total Functional Fitness involves the body, mind, emotions, as well as optimising energy through nutrition. Over 3 intensive days we share with you the best that we have to offer.


The 3 day weekend starts off with you getting a personal assessment. Yes thats individual to you. This involves a series on length tension testing, core testing and a bunch of other technical assessments that we need to have in order to

-      identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses

-      correct problems

-      strengthen areas that could cause you problems

-      Help to optimise flexibility strengths and overcome weaknesses.


We find that even our young Athletes can get overuse injuries, lower back pain, and multiple injuries due to length tensions which come from stance, swing, and injuries from improper muscle recruitment. Hopefully we get you on a program early so that these never occur.


We know the range of exercises that will improve your ability and performance, energy and we tailor these to suit you once we know how to optimise your physical gifts. But theres no use doing lots of exercises if you dont get your technique right this is an absolute MUST. So we not only give you the right exercises to suit but we also crack the whip over you over three days until you get the technique right (dont worry its not a big whip but because you are in the room with other committed sports people you will be held to a high standard).


What do you get out of all this?


Well, if you are prepared to follow through on the simple training methods we show you, then it is unquestionable that you will


v Increase Stability and Balance

v Dramatically Improve Core Strength

v Become More Flexible

v Enhance Upper Body Strength

v Enhance Lower Body Strength

v Have Greater Cardiovascular Endurance

v Develop a More Focused Mind


And as a result of these developed skills and strengths you will


Have more swing power

Enjoy Greater stamina i.e. to stay upright longer and land more consistent

Increase your spin control and aerial sense

Improve your stability from all different angles and in tight situations

Increase power in your approach and execution

Decrease the chance of injuries

Rehabilitate previous injuries

Recover quicker from competition and training sessions

Be a more consistent in your sport and also improve more rapidly

Have better mental clarity when needed

Know how to look after all aspects of your body better

Know how to eat better and have more energy

Be stronger and more stable

Have greater confidence on (and off) the water

(Be More Attractive)

Have a better quality of life


Yes - we know what we are doing and we will know whats right for you once you get here.  You just need to make the commitment . 

Its 3 days that will set you on the right path.


Even though we will have lots of fun this is not a holiday weekend. This 3 day intensive camp is for sports people who want to improve. Everyone gets held to a high standard. We want to hear later how much this investment made to improving you in your sport and enjoyment in other aspects of life.


Guarantee:  Every Sport uses very specific muscles throughout the body that, if conditioned properly over time, can greatly enhance performance. We believe this camp is at the forefront of the industry in this field. If you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect, at any time during the camp, then we will be pleased to offer your money back no questions asked.


This ground-breaking new functional training program reveals the step by step workout system to help turn your mind & body into a machine.

The Training Camps are open to all guys and gals.

Limited Positions are available. Bookings are essential.

For Enquiry or Bookings please call the CHEK Australia 



Camps that will be on offer this year are for the following sports:


* Rugby Union

* Fight Sports ( MMA, Jui Jitsu, Muay thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Martial arts)

* Wake boarding

* Golf

* Surf sports ( ironman/woman, paddle sports)



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Holiday packages


For Singles, Families or Groups.
Want a DETOX holiday ? Why not, we can arrange everything for you!
Would you like to Workout while you are on your holiday?
Give your body a TOTAL makeover for a week?
Get some great Nutrition tips and a Specific Training Program while you holiday?
Design your own Holiday using all our Health Enhancing Options..........
Choose a few services or use all of them, we can taylor your holiday to suit your needs. 

We can arrange the whole package so you dont think about anything from what you do to what you eat or where you sleep, or we can simply meet you for a workout session.
Health and Lifestyle Practitioner
- Our HLC Practitioners provide a Health and wellness session that will leave you excited about making changes in your life. It makes sense and it is proven to be effective as a lifestyle change. Something we all could improve on!




Why make a Career as a certified CHEK COACH?

Be one of the top professionals in the exercise world.

In todays rapid pace those who stay ahead are those who are continually learning and expanding. As a CHEK COACH you will be able to advance ahead of your competitors because of the results your clients achieve.


Achieve financial security CHEK students have successfully increased their income dramatically and are finding themselves with as many clients as they can handle, which means they have a career which is extremely satisfying for them while earning more?


What is a certified CHEK COACH?

A CHEK COACH possesses the skills and knowledge to design, assess and implement personalized exercise programs that incorporate traditional exercise with mind body exercises. A key component that defines a CHEK COACH is the series of assessment used to identify core and autonomic nervous system dysfunctions.


The CHEK COACH Certification will help you to accurately assess even the most complex client and lead you towards designing a scientifically sound program.  They understand how energy-balancing exercises reduce total stress on the body and know when to use these types of exercises with different clients.


What makes this Traineeship different?

Applied Knowledge is Power.  Our philosophy is that if you cannot apply the knowledge you have learnt, it is virtually useless.  Students learn and then perform their practical skills in a true working environment, at  CHEK AUSTRALIA,  we have developed strategies for students to use their newly acquired knowledge. This type of hands on learning environment is absolutely invaluable for a Student to fully understand, and then learn correct application of  the skills as they learn.


Once the student has completed all Pre requisites and hands on Practical study time they are then able to sit for the prescribed manual exams from the CHEK INSTITUTE AMERICA.

On successful completion of these final prerequisite exams the students will then qualify to train with a CHEK FACULTY member.


The CHEK AUSTRALIA TRAINEESHIP has been established as a support training system for the highly respected CHEK INSTITUTE Training and Certification program in America.


For further Information please contact CHEK Australia on

(07) 55766678 or



We provide consulting services to Corporations, Government bodies, Health Clubs, Sports Teams, Individuals who wish to incorporate Total health from the Inside out. We coach people to put these changes into their lives and change the knowing-doing gap. We regularly provide Seminars for the Gold Coast Council and other Workplace environments on topics such as Pre and Post Pregnancy, Functional Fitness in the elderly, Ergonomics and Nutrition and Wellness.


Sports and Wellness Program for Schools

By Chek Australia


We aim at providing at fun and educated program that will inhance the childrens performance in and out of the classroom.


We have three programs.

  1. Sports specific Program for athletes- both team and indiviual sports.
  2. General Sports training for Classroom / PE activities
  3. Nutrition and Wellness for School Children


Our programs will include Chek Australias unique training and education giving your school the cutting edge for your sports program. Our professionally, trained Chek Practitioners and Coaches are recognized worldwide as experts in their field. Our research, experience, ongoing studies and personal application will allow your students to reach their full potential and their individual goals.


Our approach has lead to longterm successful relationships with our clients, and we are one of the highest regarded clinics of our Industry today.


The Chek Australia difference


We can provide ;


  • Both team and class sessions
  • Sports specific training for teams
  • Strength and conditioning drills
  • Speed Techniques for speed related sports
  • Hand eye co-ordination for mental clarity
  • Flexibility and co-ordination training
  • Nutirion and Wellness seminars and discussions


The Chek Australia organization has helped many of the Worlds Leading Athletes, such as Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Jamie Mitchell along with other athletes from Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Polo, Swimming and many other sports. Please see our Website for more information.


Benefits of our program include;



  Increase schools and students profiles in sporting areas

  Improved sports performance

  Improved grades with mental concentration and clarity

  Enjoy Greater stamina in and out of class room

  Increase your body awareness

  Improve your stability from all different angles and in tight situations

  Increase power in your stance approach and execution

  Decrease the chance of injuries

  Dramatically Improved Core Strength

  Improved Posture

  Recover quicker from training or competition

  Be a more consistent in the chosen sport

  Know how to look after all aspects of your body better

  Know how to eat better and have more energy

  Be stronger and more stable

  Reduce depression and anxiety

  Have greater confidence on (and off) the sporting arena

  Have a better quality of life


We are proud of our program and would relish the opportunity to share it with you and your students.

Please contact us in regards to arranging a demonstration of our services.


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